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Sometimes ago, while in Austin, the University of Texas Clinic, had sought me out, trying for me to witness regarding certain cultural idioms relative to Igbo marriage in a sad case of a Nigerian man who married according to Igbo traditional norms brought the wife, a trained nurse from Nigeria, here, only to abandon her and their four or so children.

Before ever the marriage was over, he had started a relationship with another American woman, and though this was going on as I was told, he would not allow the woman to pursue her professional dreams of working and getting her license to practice as a nurse here in the US.Somewhat, I could given the fact that as a priest in Nigeria I had parishioners from all over Nigeria, including Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas and all, and I do consider myself to somewhat understand the various marriage trajectories of different ethnic groups from my interactions, and works done by scholars regarding marriage.Of course, African, and specifically Nigerian Canon Lawyers in the Catholic Church, given the nuanced emphasis on inculturation and problems of marital unions have spearheaded enormous studies in this arena.Thereafter, a court date was set and I given my notice to appear, but for some reasons it was latter cancelled. The student lawyer I was working with also graduated shortly afterwards.Sometimes this year, I received a call to come to testify. Some Nigerian men in the USA can sometimes be jerks, without also making apologies for Nigerian women who do not want to be respected as who they are.

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