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Over a three-day period, she analyzed more than 400 such ads.Based on that data, she estimates that, over the course of a year, there are hundreds of thousands of ads posted online from women who "self-identify as straight, who want relationships with guys, but also enjoy a woman's body and affection here and there."When straight girls shop on the Web for gay sex, Reynolds found that they maintain their "stereotypically heterosexual" (read: basic bitch) identities."If you didn't have a sexual identity label, it meant that you hadn't come out yet," she says.Now, young people are much more likely than in previous decades to come out as unidentified, says Diamond.

The next time, she was wooed by a fellow bridesmaid in a mutual friend's wedding at a lakehouse bachelorette party.

Ruby says her magnetic attraction to women has made her question whether she's a lesbian. "If I had a relationship with a female, wouldn't it be like having your bestie over all the time? "For some, like Nicole, a 31-year-old journalist in Cleveland who says she's "one hundred percent straight," hooking up with other women in no-strings-attached situations is a way to explore what turns her on in a safe, no-boys-allowed kind of environment."When I hook up with men, it's because I want to date them, so there's a level of awareness [during sex] in wanting things to work out," she says. "There's fear among some lesbian women that [straight yet fluid] women are just going to mess around with them and break their hearts," says Trish Bendix, the editor-in-chief of After Ellen.com, a popular lesbian-focused website. "I guess I don't label myself because I don't want others to label me either."In the future, sexual labels may die altogether, Diamond predicts.

She adds that many younger members of the lesbian community support women's right to "love who they love," but there are also concerns that fluid women are down for gay sex, but not the struggle that can come with being gay or bi: "I hear from a lot of women who want others to identify and be on our team." Allie says she has unintentionally confused a few female hookups. In the early '90s, the idea of being unlabeled didn't even exist.

The number of women who describe themselves as mostly but not completely heterosexual is on the rise, according to the most recent National Health Statistics Report. These semi straight women likely always existed, says Lisa Diamond, Ph.

D., a professor of developmental psychology at the University of Utah and author of In 1995, Diamond began tracking the sexual orientations of a group of 100 women ages 16 to 23.

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