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And considering the triumph represents the city's first major professional sports championship since the Houston Rockets took home the NBA title in 1995, fans figure to turn out in droves to greet the Astros as they make their way through town."It's a true privilege to proudly host this magnificent salute to our hometown team that has earned history," said Mayor Sylvester Turner said, according to ABC 13."As we bounce back from Hurricane Harvey, we are more than ready to welcome our heroes home in proper form."KHOU's Emily Reaux added that once the parade concludes, a ceremony will be held at City Hall to commemorate the team's achievement.Unlike Windows 8, Windows RT is only available as preloaded software on devices specifically designed for the operating system by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).Microsoft intended for devices with Windows RT to take advantage of the architecture's power efficiency to allow for longer battery life, to use system-on-chip (So C) designs to allow for thinner devices, and to provide a "reliable" experience over time.The prototypes featured working versions of Internet Explorer 9 (with Direct X support via the Tegra 2's GPU), Power Point and Word, along with the use of class drivers to allow printing to an Epson printer.Sinofsky felt that the shift towards So C designs were "a natural evolution of hardware that's applicable to a wide range of form factors, not just to slates", while Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer emphasized the importance of supporting So Cs on Windows by proclaiming that the operating system would "be everywhere on every kind of device without compromise." Initial development on Wo A took place by porting code from Windows 7; Windows Mobile smartphones were used to test early builds of Wo A because of lack of readily available ARM-based tablets.

Only two more Windows RT devices, the Microsoft Surface 2 and Nokia Lumia 2520 in late-2013, were released outside of the five original launch devices, and no Windows RT counterpart of the Surface Pro 3 was released due to a re-positioning of the Surface line into a high-end market, and a switch to Intel architecture for the Surface 3.One is the fact Durant and the Warriors won't just have the Larry O'Brien trophy to raise.Thanks to WWE's Triple H, a championship belt will likely make an appearance: So will the legendary Warriors toaster.The early bird will get the proverbial worm when it comes to Thursday's parade.The expected million-plus descending upon the city will clog public transit and streets for as far as the eye can see.

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