Dr laura schlessinger dating after divorce

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Her first radio appearance was in 1974, as a caller on Bill Ballance's show in Los Angeles.

She became a regular caller, and later a guest on Ballance's show, as he became her mentor in radio, and her first known extramarital affair.

AKA Laura Catherine Schlessinger Born: 16-Jan-1947Birthplace: Brooklyn, NYGender: Female Religion: Christian Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Radio Personality Nationality: United States Executive summary: The Dr.

Laura Show At its peak or popularity in the 1990s, Laura Schlessinger's syndicated radio show had about 500 affiliates and over 10-million listeners.

She has said that her husband Lew, raised an Episcopalian, also converted, but he later admitted he had not completed the conversion.

In 2003, Schlessinger announced on the air that she was no longer an Orthodox Jew, that she felt frustrated by the effort she had put into the religion, and complained that she felt little or no connection with God. Laura disapproves of divorce and pornography, but as a divorcee she posed for what can be called a "beaver shot" with her legs spread.

Schlessinger married a dentist when she was 25, and had at least two extramarital affairs before they were divorced.

The program is public spectacle -- the lives of faceless strangers impacted by her advice for three hours daily.

Callers are often interrupted before they can finish explaining their elaborate personal problems, and frequently receive beratings for what she perceives as moral, parental, or religious failings.

Laura Schlessinger’s podcast for several years now and it’s no secret that I love her. To an outsider (non-parent) the term “sacrifice” might sound like a dirty word, however I’ve found so much pleasure in sacrificing for my family and daughter. Even if it means she shows up to school in mismatching socks and tangled hair.

She has a way of making everything clear as day for me and summing up some of my most complicated life issues in just a few words. One of my most favorite parenting books out there is Dr. Sacrificing has meant my family will always have what we need, my daughter will always feel taken care of, and our bond will always be strong because she knows I’ve done everything in my power to give her a great life. “We teach our kids how to behave by what we allow, what we stop, what we ignore, and what we reinforce.” Dr.

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