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The Estonian language is a very cool sounding mix, with Russian & Scandanavian influence.

The words are phrased in an interesting & weird way, without sounding totally alien like Finnish. Most people I spoke with in Tallinn were fluent in English. Having come from Helsinki where it tasted like cardboard, and over priced.

Tallin girls are also skinnier on average, looking more like Polish Wroclaw girls as far as body type is concerned.Helsinki has incredibly good food, you just have to drop a few bucks. Helsinki has incredibly good food, you just have to drop a few bucks. As with many of the members here I own my own business which has me on my laptop for a few hours each day, so I tend to work out of coffee shops and whatnot.I'm staying in Old Town which seems to have enough of what I need, venue-wise.My brunette attempted negotiation, but her words were failing before she could even complete her sentences. I actually approached lots of stunners during my 4 days, and while they didn't lead to sex, I had a great time interacting with most of them.It's funny, because while I only kissed 2 girls in 4 days in Tallinn, it almost felt more fulfilling to me than the 4 lays I've gotten since coming back to Kiev (update on Kiev to come soon).

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