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Second, I'm pleased to note that this scenario includes access to some fun gear from .

also kicks off the Exchange faction's pursuits in Season 9.

Linda and I have also been trying to expand our roster of non-human venture-captains, and Bjersig brings the list of regularly featured half-orcs to two (the other being the popular Calisro Benarry).

What's more Bjersig has a canine pal named Mahki (modeled off one of the Pets of Paizo, a handsome husky named Ajax) who helps the very competent and unabashedly deaf venture-captain navigate the hearing world. Linda Zayas-Palmer, the development lead, takes over from here.

The Pathfinder Society may have struck a truce of sorts with the Aspis Consortium in Season 7, but that doesn't mean that the Pathfinder Society will never again be at odds with their old foes.

The Aspis Consortium has recently launched a mysterious mining operation in the Mwangi Expanse.

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