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I would love to see you, lets have some fun here…YEAH.I leave tomorrow so please call or txt me as on the road emails are hard to see esp on the day last minute apts, you end up seeing them 2 hours after you wanted it, so its best to txt call or email in a last resort if its a couple days the road if I have time I will check them, plus I don’t like emails I prefer to talk to people, its polite and you get to know the person every gal has different ways i guess?now look I wanted to look like Corey Everson, the judges judged us bigger and bigger, one day I’ll explain why a lot of the things you see today are going on, I know a lot as I was a 2 time Olympian, but tonight and as always I try to remain positive, but know there are less and less men fans that are into the way bodybuilders look, a majority hate us, it is not easy as a woman to be insulted daily as they do not understand.I find it all very weird as if I was a top ten in world tennis player golfer anything really when i was top 10 in the world i’d be a Millionare.i believed in bodybuilding all my life, I hope you can believe in me. BTW 😉 JOANNA THOMAS XXXX I just went out to go get a bite to eat and to train and tan, while eating a lady from the Uk says oh u have a mans voice, so I tried to make a joke and she repeats oh darling I am straight when I talk and u have a mans voice….i told her if I did not just have a green card I would have smashed her face in….PLZ CALL 9, I DONT LIKE EMAILS TALKING IS SO MUCH MORE INTIMATE 😉 you are not obligated to see me but serious clients only plz no games, this tour means a great deal to me and i want it to run smooth with fun lust and laughter 😉 I hope you will give me that chance. I told her she couldn’t hold her drink and how dare she be so rude?🙂 Now I’m a bit shy but she put me at ease immediately. She will put you at ease and help you enjoy yourself…if you know what I mean! ” Thats from a client Ive met 3 times, and we click, if you click with someone then its the best time.

I don’t regret anything as i would not have a story to tell and people to save, but for now I need my fans to save me, I ask you to support me love me give me wings, to fuck those assholes and lift me up GOT IT?? I want to go to nyc tomorrow and have a blast, have fun, be treated carefully and as a woman, the simple things any woman would want, I am a woman all woman, i maybe built better than some men’s egos but I’m a woman all the same, I know how to treat a man whom likes muscle SO DO I, so its simple for me.i am Joanna Thomas 2 time olympian, but a woman.HOWEVER WHEN YOU ACTUALLY CALL ME OR EMAIL ME AND WE AGREE TO AN APPOINTMENT then you don’t show to some of the worst excuses IF I got one is bullshit, DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THAT DOES TO ME? what upset me the most is before I tour I have a diary with all my appointments written down and I decide if it’s the right thing to do based on if I’m going to make any profit, the reason is on tour you cannot train or eat properly and if any of you travel it is very tiresome.I went on that tour as on paper I had twice as many down than showed, now shit happens I get that but if it were me?I once had a client whom lost 100lbs with me.in one night 😉 All jokes aside, while I’m in the U K I am here I can motivate you, train you, help you with your goals from bodybuilding to figure to a post birth mother, people in wheelchairs.doesn’t matter who you are what’s important is to strive for the best you can be and to breathe life into your soul through your dreams. It’s Christmas so please enjoy it, see your family , eat what you like , do what you like, but come the new year, if your thinking here I am again, I can’t stand what I see in my mirror to I can’t fit in my jeans to I WANT TO WIN MY PRO CARD I can help you.I will leave you my email and skype info for today, I will be getting a better phone so I can chat with people better, plus I do not want to give a new number out for personal training as it s not a session number, I’m happy to meet you , any fan / friend for dinner etc but not sessions for now, my brain is just in a new place.

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