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So in a nutshell: The first 17 episodes were all on You Tube. The timing was good, because I was going through a big move and I needed to support myself, let alone make video game reviews.

So this was the first time I got paid for what I do. But this also means the videos are an exclusive feature to Game Trailers. I appreciate your offer, but those videos are a few years old.

This means that I don’t post the new Nerd videos on You Tube any longer, until they’re over a year old. Since then, I recieved 4 Sega Saturns in the mail and 2 working Jaguar CD’s.

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The same people probably believe that I go around in real life, wearing a white pressed shirt, stuffed with pens in the pocket, and saying “fuck” all the time and talking about buffallos taking diarrhea dumps. The nerd drinks to soothe the pain of playing bad games.

That's because all models got updated with Wo D, except for Goblin and Worgen. Then again, they needed it ever since they were released.

Which means we now have the oldest models, and that shows. And in regards to the Worgen model, they have been broken since they were revealed. Goblins were vastly superior to the vanilla and TBC races, but the leap from Cata models to Mists models was huge.

CINEMASSACRING refers to the efficient way in which my films are made, without a ton of equipment or pre-production meetings, ignoring all the extraneous things that happen behind the camera, when all that matters is what comes up on the screen in the end.

THE CINEMASSACRE is the lifeforce and driving power behind my work. Just to keep making movies and to be able to do some of the dream projects I’ve been planning on.

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